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Cyclist Assessment


What is it?

Many cyclists would like to get down into a more aero position if only their flexibility would allow them to. Likewise, many crave longer rides to be able to explore further afield and challenge their endurance if only their neck pain didn't build up and prevent them from staying in the saddle for longer. These and other common cyclist issues can be addressed in a musculo-skeletal assessment. 

I have worked alongside Mike Veal of BikeDynamics (in my opinion one the best bike fitters in the country) for several years, providing Joint Physio - Bike Fit Assessments. I am therefore well aware of the optimum riding position and the issues caused by an incorrect set-up. I bring this knowledge to my own cyclist assessment. 

A cyclist specific pilates assessment with myself; a Chartered physiotherapist, will:

  • Increase your core stability to improve your cycling efficiency and increase power to your pedal

  • Teach you the appropriate stretches specifically for you, to achieve a more aero position and enhance performance

  • Teach you exercises to help you manage and avoid stiffness both post and during a ride

  • Help you to recover from injury

  • Most importantly, it will enhance your ongoing enjoyment of cycling

The cyclist assessment is conducted online via Zoom and includes;

  • Discussion of cycling style, injury history and future goals

  • Visual assessment of posture

  • a series of tests: joint range, muscle length and stability

  • A bespoke exercise plan will be formulated to meet your cycling needs; including detailed drawings emailed to you with video clips.

What do I get?


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