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Pilates for Cyclists

Pilates improves hip mobility, hamstring length, and stabilises the pelvis, allowing you to become more comfortable on the drops and deliver power to the pedals.

I have enjoyed many lovely rides over the last 15years, some sportives and triathlons and particularly enjoyed long Alpine climbs to support the Tour. My hi-light so far has got to be touring from Sicily to Florence with panniers packed wild camping en route.


My experience both as a physiotherapist and a cyclist combine to make me truly aware of the musculo-skeletal risks in the cycling position and repetitive action. This awareness led me to develop Pilates classes specifically for cyclists to address these issues and keep you comfortable in the saddle.


Pilates for cyclists

  • Reduce back and neck pain

  • Strengthen the muscles needed for good pedal stroke

  • Stretch out tight or overworked muscles

  • Prevent injury

  • Improve posture on and off the bike 

£10 per class OR

£7.50 per class

when you pay for a term

All classes currently take place on Zoom, and are recorded. If you are unable to attend a class that you have paid for, a video recording can be made available. 

I have provided private classes to cycling clubs in the past. Please get in touch if you are interested in arranging this for your club.

Pilates will:


""Old Git At Le Top" - I did it. All due to Helen's Pilates for Cyclists. Many, many thanks."

Jim ~ Mont Ventoux, France

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