Why should cyclists do Pilates?​​​

- Reduce back and neck pain

- strengthen the muscles needed for good pedal stroke

- stretch out tight or overworked muscles

- injury prevention

- improve posture on and off the bike 

Pilates will improve postural muscles and awareness to reduce back pain. It will improve hip mobility and hamstring length to become more comfortable on the drops, and stabilise the pelvis to protect the back and deliver power to the pedals.

In her private treatment room in Warwick, Helen offers;

- Physiotherapy

- Pilates individual assessment/instruction

- Cyclist's musculo-skeletal assessment (joint mobility, muscle strength/length)

- Thai yoga massage

Helen also provides Musculo-skeletal assessment during bike fittings conducted by Mike at BikeDynamics Ltd.


£10 pay as you go

Or  pay for the whole term in advance for £7.50 per class

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